Leak shows AMD’s 64-core Epyc processor blowing away Intel’s Xeon CPUs

AMD’s incoming monster 64-core Epyc (server-targeted) processor built on its new 7nm process boasts some quite astonishing performance levels, if a leaked benchmark which has just emerged is real.

The benchmark was highlighted by Chiphell (as spotted by Techquila) and shows how the 64-core CPU performs in Cinebench R15’s multi-threaded test, achieving a colossal score of 12,587.

That’s very nearly 10 times quicker than Intel’s Xeon X5650, which is the server processor listed in the leaked benchmark result for comparison – although note that is a 12-core part, and a very old one at that (it was first launched in 2010).

To give a more contemporary perspective, AMD’s Threadripper 2990WX (a recently launched 32-core CPU) notches up around the 5,500 mark in that Cinebench test, so the new Epyc processor is something like two and a third times faster than that.

Speedy indeed
If this leak is indeed on the money, it purportedly comes from an engineering sample of AMD’s 64-core CPU, and that means the finished production chip should run even faster. And that would represent an exciting prospect for those looking for a heavyweight server processor with some serious power packed into its silicon.

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